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You Browse

You Browse

You Browse

Know exactly what you want? Search by Keyword, color, vintage, country and/or region. 

Looking for guidance? Browse our Curated Searches by product type, famous region or iconic vintage to name a few.

Looking for suggestions? Browse our Curated Lists based on scores, themes, trends and other interesting Cellar Notes.

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You Sign-Up & Select

You Sign-Up & Select

You Sign-Up & Select

  Sign Up | Sign In > we’ll need some basic information for you to be able to save items to your personalized Wish List, add products to your cart and buy.

  Wish List > save items to your personalized Wish List, available from your dashboard for future reference.

 > These products are in  Pristine condition and available for immediate Checkout.

    > These products have  Conditions associated with them - some of which may require your approval prior to Checkout. Click on INQUIRE to receive details about the conditions by email.

You Confirm Your Order

You Confirm Your Order

You Confirm Your Order

When you're ready to checkout:

1. Open your Cart  to review your items and click

2. Enter Customer & Shipping Details to 

3. Submit your 

If you want to store your product(s) or need to ship somewhere that requires a Price On Request, select "Store in Bordeaux" during step 2 to finalize your wine purchase and take advantage of our free storage for up to 60 days while we coordinate next steps with with you.

Don't miss out! FTWC trades on a dynamic marketplace where prices and availability change regularly. 

You Process Payment

You Process Payment

You Process Payment

On the PAYMENT page, click on the  for details on every point.

1. Ackowledge the Terms and Conditions by checking each box

2. Select Payment Method - either SWIFT wire transfer, or in escrow through Safefunds.

3. Click on

4. Watch for an email from FTWC through DocuSign to review and electronically sign the Invoice for your Order

5. Follow the instructions on the Invoice to process your payment

We Process & Inspect Your Order

We Process & Inspect Your Order

We Process & Inspect Your Order

Upon receipt of payment, From The Wine Cellars acts as your agent for the purchase of product(s) to fill your order, and verify that their condition is as stated at the time of purchase.


  • The labels and capsules must be clean, undamaged, and firmly attached to the bottles.

  • The bottles must be free of all additional labels.

  • Levels of wine should be at the base of the neck or higher.

  • If applicable, the case must be original, correct, and in good condition.


  • Products are verified against the description and/or pictures included in the Confirmed Order.

The experienced and skilled Liv-Ex team are a fundamental part of this operation. They carefully open, inspect, photograph and check more than 65,000 cases of wine per year, and have a digital catalogue of authentic wines and bespoke algorithms that flag potentially high-risk wines. All products are inspected by Liv-Ex prior to shipment from Bordeaux, France.


Frequently Asked Questions

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